Boys Kilts & Outfits

When you are gearing up for a formal event with the family, you can take your little one's kilt wearing to a whole new level and don them from head to toe in the Kilt Outfits here at Scottish Kilt Shop. We take care to create each piece carefully, so that when you pull the outfit all together, you and your little one will be proud to step out of the house wearing a representation of the Scottish heritage. Each of these boys/children kilt outfits come with a kilt, kilt jacket, kilt hose, hats, shoes, sporrans and more. The pieces can all be chosen to match using the plentiful selection of Scottish tartans that are available, allowing parents to pick out the tartan that best represents their family or region, or just a color and pattern that speaks to your child's personality. Custom kilt shirts can also be included with the rest of the kilt outfit. In order to ensure the perfect fit for both the shirt and the remaining kilt dress items, send in their measurements with the order and we will make the garments fit completely.

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Children & Boys Kilt Outfit