Williams Of Wales Tartan

The name "Williams" traces its origins to the French/Germanic name "Wilhelm," which combines "will" and "helmet." This name was introduced to Britain by the Normans and was adopted by the Welsh as "Guilielm" and "Gwilym," eventually evolving into "Gwilliam" and "Gullam." Today, "Williams" is believed to be the second most popular surname in Wales. The name's spread can be attributed to Welsh migration, particularly from regions like Caernarfonshire and Ynys Mon (The Isle Of Anglesey). The Williams tartan is part of a new and rapidly growing national dress. It is an officially recognized tartan or "plaid" in Wales, woven in the historic Cambrian Woolen Mill, which has been operational since 1830. Unlike traditional Scottish patterns, Welsh tartan setts have different proportions in the warp and weft, creating a more prominent vertical "stripe" in the finished cloth. This distinctive feature is noticeable in the kilt, or "Cilt" as it is known in Wales. The Williams tartan itself dates back to 2002, making it a relatively modern yet significant symbol of Welsh heritage. The clan motto, "Ensuivant la verite" (Following the truth), encapsulates the spirit and values associated with the Williams name.
The Williams of Wales tartan features a maroon background accented with striking yellow and black stripes. The interplay of these colors creates a visually compelling and distinctive pattern that stands out in any setting. The maroon serves as a rich, warm base color, while the yellow and black stripes add contrast and definition, enhancing the tartan's overall aesthetic appeal. This unique combination of colors and the specific proportions in the warp and weft make the Williams tartan a true representation of Welsh tartan design.
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