Royal Welsh Tartan

The history of Welsh tartan is a relatively recent addition to the world of tartans. In the year 2000, the first Royal Welsh tartan was registered, and since then, there have been 36 tartans designed in Wales. Royal Welsh tartans have a distinct difference in the weaving process compared to Scottish tartans. Scottish tartans have equal warp and weft proportions, which gives a square and box design, while Welsh tartans are woven with differing proportions, resulting in a more rectangular and striped tartan design. Interestingly, in Wales, a kilt is spelled with a 'C' as there is no 'K' in the Welsh alphabet. Royal Welsh tartans have their own unique set of designs that symbolise ancestry and origins, similar to Scotland and Ireland. Royal Welsh tartans tend to use delicate, single-strands of colour for stripes in their sett, in contrast to the broad strokes of colour more often seen in Scottish tartans.
The Royal Welsh Tartan is also a significant tartan in Welsh history, celebrating all past and present personnel and achievements attached to the Welsh since its formation in 1915. The Welsh serve as fighting soldiers and take immense pride in their ceremonial role as guardians of the royal palaces. The Royal Welsh Tartan features the principal colours of the Welsh, including dark blue and crimson, which are recognizable in their Tactical Recognition Flash and Stable Belt. Green denote the plume worn on the right side of the bearskin while carrying out duties as one of the five foot Welsh regiments of the Household Division. Black, Red and White represents continual respect for all fallen Welsh comrades.
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