Weir Clan Tartan

The name Vere is of Norman origin from one or other of the places so named in Calvados, Manche, Oise, and Eure et Loire. The word was introduced into Normandy by the Norsemen from their own ‘ver’, a station, as in fiskiver, a fishing station, a word etymologically akin to Old English weir, wear – a dam.
The forms Vere, de Vere, Very, Were, Weir and Wear were all known in the Scottish Lowlands during the 12th century. One authority has suggested that the name descended from Ereneis who was probably a brother of Alberic de Vere who accompanied William the Conqueror to Britain. Weir Clan Tartan features are blue, green, and black colors as well as yellow narrow stripes.
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