US Army Tartan Kilt

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US Army Tartan Kilt

US Army Tartan Kilt - also known as the "Old Guard" Tartan, has its origins in Scottish military tradition. It was first worn by the US Army's 3rd Infantry Regiment, also known as the "Old Guard," which has a ceremonial role in official events, including military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

The decision to incorporate the tartan kilt into the Old Guard's uniform was made in 2007, and the first kilts were worn in public during the St. Patrick's Day parade in Savannah, Georgia, in March of that year. The kilt has since become a distinctive feature of the Old Guard's ceremonial uniform and is worn by soldiers in the unit's Pipe and Drum Corps, as well as by the regiment's color guard and honor guard.

The Kilt features a dominant dark green color with black, blue and yellow running through it, which creates a striking and eye-catching look. This tartan pattern is inspired by the official US Army tartan, representing the strong and proud spirit of the American soldiers. Our product features:

Fabric: Our Kilt is made from 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric which is of high quality and provides comfort and durability.

Pleats: The kilt features Knife Pleats that are deep and well-defined, adding to its elegant look.

Cleaning: The kilt is easy to wash, making maintenance and care of the product hassle-free.

Buckles: The Buckles on our Kilt are rust-free, ensuring that they stay shiny and durable for years to come.

Strap: The Adjustable Leather Strap allows for a perfect fit around your waist, making sure that the kilt stays securely in place.

The kilt also offers two options of pleats: Sett Pleats and Stripe Pleats, giving you the freedom to choose the style that suits you best.

Customization options: Our Tartan Kilt is available in made-to-measure sizes, so you can get the perfect fit. You can customize the kilt waist size, length, hip size, and fell measurement for an exceptional fit.

Matching add-ons: You can complete your Kilt outfit with matching add-ons such as Tartan Mask, Hose Flashes, Tartan Sporran, Classic Fly Paid, and one yard fabric in the same tartan you are ordering kilt.

Rush order option: For those who need their kilt quickly, we offer a rush order option with a turnaround time of 7-10 days.

Quality assurance: We offer a 30-day return policy and a lifetime quality assurance guarantee, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.

What's even more impressive about this kilt is that it's available in both made-to-measure and standard sizes, making it a perfect fit for anyone. Its classic design, combined with its high-quality materials and customizable sizing options, make it a great addition to any wardrobe.

Materials & Features
Cloth: 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
Design: US Army Tartan
Pleats: Knife Pleats
Cleaning: Easy to Wash
Buckles: Rust Free
Strap: Adjustable Leather Strap
Product Reviews