Thomson Red Ancient (MacTavish) Tartan (Limited)

The Thomson Clan has its roots in the Scottish Borders, particularly in Roxburghshire, where the family is known to have held lands since the 14th century. The name Thompson also spelled Thomson or Thomason, is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Thomas. The Thompsons were known to be a prominent family and held a variety of positions, including that of a provost or mayor of Hawick, a town located in the Scottish Borders. The clan has also had military connections, with members serving in various battles throughout history. Thompson is believed to be a variation of MacTavish, originating from the Gaelic name ‘MacThamlais’ meaning ‘son of Thomas.’ In Lowland Scots, Thomas is rendered as Thompson. The MacTavishes are quite numerous in Argyllshire, and according to the Craignish Manuscripts,
the MacTavishes of Clan Tavish of Dunardrie are descendants of Tauris Coir, the second illegitimate son of Gillespick, son of Callen more math, ‘good bald Coline’. The Thomson Red Ancient Tartan is comprised of striking colors, including vibrant red, sky blue, reddish-brown, and soft pink hues, which make it a distinctive and unique tartan. The Thomson Red Ancient Tartan is a beautiful and classic tartan, featuring hues of green, blue, yellow, and white. The origins of the Thompson tartan are not clear, but it is believed to be associated with the Clan Thompson. The Ancient Thompson Tartan is a lighter and more subdued version of the Thompson Tartan. The Ancient Tartan is believed to be closer to the original colors that were used when the Thompson Tartan was first designed. Today, the Thomson Red Ancient Tartan is popular among those who are interested in Scottish heritage and want to showcase their connection to the Scottish Borders. It is a timeless and elegant design that is sure to impress.