Taylor Tartan

The Taylor Tartan is a design that is associated with the Taylor family is an illustrious Scottish family with an extensive and proud history. This Taylor tartan was created in the year 1955 by two highly respected experts on tartans which included Miss Margaret MacDougall, of the Inverness Museum, and Lt. Col I.B. Cameron Taylor. The Taylor family is thought to have come from within the Scottish Borders and has a long and rich history and many people in the Taylor family have crucial roles throughout Scottish history. Despite its rich heritage and rich history, the Taylor family isn't one of the main Scottish clans and isn't acknowledged according to the Lord Lyon King of Arms the authority that oversees heraldry in Scotland. Yet however, the Taylor Tartan is still a well-loved and well-known pattern with many individuals belonging to the Taylor family, as well as those with Scottish heritage, opting to wear kilts or other clothing items that are patterned in the style as a way to honor your Taylor heritage.
The Taylor Tartan is a distinct tartan pattern that is associated with the Taylor family which is a Scottish clan. It is distinguished by its green, blue, red, yellow, and black stripes. It is a favorite option for those very proud of their Taylor family heritage, or who admire the beauty and traditions that are the hallmark of Scottish tartans. It is a timeless design. Taylor Tartan is an elegant design that works well with scarfs, kilts, and other items of clothing and is an excellent opportunity to show your love to the Taylor family, or to Scotland in general. If you want to show off your Taylor heritage or simply admire the appeal that is traditional Scottish tartans The Taylor Tartan is a must for those looking to stand out and show their heritage with style.