Taylor Tartan

This Tartan symbolizes the remarkable journey of the Taylor surname. Originating from the Old French term "Tailleur," meaning cloth cutter, the name is connected to the occupation of tailors. Scottish records from earlier times mention this surname. Alexander le Tayllur served as a valet to Alexander III in 1276, and Brice le Taillur was a Scottish prisoner captured at Dunbar Castle in 1296. A notable link to the clan can be found in the sept of this surname. They claim descent from Taillear dubh na Tuaighe, a Clan Cameron warrior of the 17th century. Taillear Dubh, an illegitimate son of Ewan Cameron, the 14th of Lochiel, was raised by a tailor's wife. He became renowned for his skills in wielding the Lochaber axe and earned the nickname "An Taillear na Tuaighe" (The Taylor of the Axe). After daring exploits and perilous raids, he settled in Strathencraig, Cowal. Over time, Taillear Dubh's descendants adopted the name Macintaillear, which eventually evolved into them. Many individuals with this surname today can trace their lineage back to the Clan Cameron. Throughout history, various versions of this surname have emerged, such as Tailer, Tailleur, Taillor, Tailliour, Taillur, Taillyer, Tayliour, and more. Each variation adds a unique thread to the intricate tapestry of this remarkable family history.
This Tartan displays a vibrant fusion of purple, light green, pink, black and yellow color that entwine to create a truly captivating design. The warm embrace of purple signifies dignity and regality, while the gentle light green evokes the lush landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Delicate hints of pink add a touch of grace and femininity, harmonizing beautifully with the vibrant yellow, symbolizing the brightness of hope and optimism. Finally, the bold presence of black adds depth and strength to this magnificent tartan.
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