Silver Mist Tartan

Immerse yourself in a realm characterized by integrity, solidarity, and the relentless pursuit of righteousness through the timeless elegance of the Silver Mist Tartan. While not affiliated with any specific clan, This contemporary tartan carries a rich history rooted in the legacy of the House of Silvermist. For over a decade, this noble house has watched over the Citizens of Elanthia, offering fellowship, guidance, and sanctuary. The House of Silvermist remains neutral in politics, acting as a trusted mediator in conflicts. Lady Kintalia Silvermist led the Order of the Black Fox, with the House providing support. Today, their wealth supports the training and equipping of new adventurers. The House values selflessness, inviting individuals based on their willingness to prioritize others. Alliances with families like Usho and Sorvendig strengthen their commitment to unity. Notable members, including Wealand Youngblood, Jofka, and the House Guard, embody the virtues and resilience of the Silvermist Family. Headquartered in the grand Silvermist Estate in Crossings, Zoluren, this house represents honor, compassion, and a shared vision. This Tartan symbolizes the enduring spirit of the House and its dedication to upholding universal values.
The Silver Mist Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of gray and black, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication. The interplay of these two colors creates an atmosphere of quiet strength and dignity. The soothing hues of gray symbolize balance, wisdom, and resilience, while the deep, dark tones of black represent authority, mystery, and the unwavering determination of the House of Silvermist.
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