Rutherford Tartan

Discover the fascinating history behind the enchanting Rutherford Tartan, a symbol of ancestral pride and timeless elegance. Designed by the talented Phil Smith for Keith Rutherford of Davison, Michigan, USA, this tartan carries a profound connection to its wearers. It bears the name Rutherford and its spelling variations, extending its embrace to all individuals with this distinguished lineage. Crafted with unparalleled precision and artistry, the Rutherford Tartan is brought to life by the skilled weavers of D C Dalgliesh, based in Selkirk. Its crest features a captivating martlet in Sable, evoking a sense of freedom and nobility. The timeless motto, "Nec Sorte, Nec Fato," resonates deeply, symbolizing the resilience and determination that define the Rutherford spirit. Steeped in territorial origins, the name Rutherford is intricately linked to lands in Roxburghshire, a region drenched in history and tales of bravery. Although the clan stands armigerous without a chief, the Rutherford Tartan stands tall, embodying the collective pride of its wearers and preserving the legacy of generations past.
Prepare to be enchanted by the resplendent Rutherford Tartan, showcasing a regal purple canvas with striking black stripes symbolizing strength, intertwined with vibrant yellow & red streaks representing hope. The warm red tones pay homage to undying passion, resulting in an elegant and timeless pattern evoking unity, pride, and belonging.
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