Regan Tartan

Regan Tartan is the traditional Scottish clan tartan but is actually an updated tartan style. The name of the family Regan as well as its congenial names O'Regan, O Regan, Reagan and O'Reagan is an Anglicised version from Regan, the Irish name O Riagain (or O Riogain, derived from Ua Riagain. It is thought to be derived from the old Gaelic O Riagain, which means "sovereign, king" and the diminutive suffix"-in"; that is "the king's child" or "big king". The story behind the Regan Tartan isn't very well-documented, since it's a contemporary design instead of the tradition-based clan tartan. However, it could be stated that the combination of green and blue within the Regan Tartan creates a timeless style that honours Scotland's rich cultural heritage and traditions.Whereas,
Regan Tartan is contemporary tartan and is distinguished by its blend of green and blue colours. It is typically used in garments like kilts and other items of clothing which has made it the most popular option for those who want to express how proud they are of the country's Scottish heritage. Regan Tartan isn't an authentic Scottish clan tartan, it is an innovative design that was created to highlight Scotland's rich history and culture. The combination of green and blue of this Regan Tartan creates a timeless style that is sophisticated and fashionable. You can impress at an important event or just add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfit, the Regan Tartan is an excellent option.