Pollock Tartan

The crest of the clan features a boar passant shot through with a dart, while the motto is "Audacter Et Strenue" which means "Boldly and readily or Boldly and strongly". The clan has a historic seat at Pollock Castle, and is currently an armigerous clan with no chief. In 1979, Rhys Pollock founded Clan Pollock and worked with J.C. Thomson of Arlington to design the original Pollock Tartan. The tartan was produced by D.C.Dalgliesh Ltd. and registered with the Scottish Tartan Society. Over the years, various mills produced the Pollock Tartan, leading to minor differences in the registered weave. Despite these differences, the Pollock Ancient tartan remained available, made by various tartan mills such as Dalgliesh, Lochcarron, and N. Bately. Dalgliesh later informed the clan of an additional Pollock Tartan, which was initially thought to be the Pollock Black Dress, but was actually a dark green color as shown on the Clan Merchandise page.
The Pollock Tartan features a pattern of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines with a central stripe of green and black, flanked by white and orange lines. The tartan is available in various forms, including the Pollock Ancient tartan and a recently discovered dark green variation, registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority. The tartan's unique color scheme and pattern make it an iconic symbol of Clan Pollock's identity and history.
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