Phillips Tartan

Clan Phillips is a Scottish clan with an extensive history and heritage. The clan's roots can be traced to the thirteenth century and through the ages, this clan played a significant role in the development of Scotland. The clan is a distinct tartan that is officially acknowledged by the Scottish Tartans Authority, and it is worn by the members of the clan to symbolize their pride and identity. Additionally, the clan has its own motto and crest as well as a motto to identify the members who belong to the family. Phillips is the surname. Phillips was first discovered in Monmouthshire (Welsh Sir Fynwy) where they held the seat of their family since the beginning of time. The first record of their existence was on early census rolls that the early Kings of Britain used to determine the tax rate for their fellow subjects. The Phillips Clan is historically connected to the region around Renfrewshire, Scotland. Nowadays, the Clan Phillips has many members from across the globe, which are bound by their common heritage and curiosity about the family's history.
Phillips Tartan is the traditional design that is the signature of the Phillips Clan among the Scottish Clans. Every Scottish Clan has its own distinct tartan which is made up of interlocking stripes in a variety of colors. It is the Phillips Tartan is licensed by the Scottish Tartans Authority and its style remains authentic as well as traditional. The tartan is composed of blue, red green, yellow, and red stripes. It is worn by the members of the family to symbolize identity and pride. It's used to create different items like tie-dries, scarves, kilts, and other accessories. Tartan is an opportunity to celebrate one's heritage and to show pride in belonging to Phillips Clan. Phillips Clan.