Nisbet Muted Tartan

The Nisbet Muted Tartan boasts a rich heritage dating back to the 12th century, originating in the picturesque Barony of Nesbit nestled within the stunning landscapes of Berwickshire. Derived from a nose-shaped hill, the name "Nesbit" adds an intriguing dimension to the ancestral lineage. Influential figures such as William de Nesbite and Thomas Nisbet played pivotal roles in shaping the early days of this Scottish clan. Throughout history, the clan exhibited unwavering loyalty to Scottish monarchs, as evidenced by the esteemed names of Philip de Nesbit, James Nisbet, John Nisbet, and Adam Nisbet etched in the historic Ragman Roll of Edward I in 1296, attesting to their unwavering dedication. Adam Nisbet of Ilk further solidified the family's status by securing a coveted charter from Robert the Bruce, strengthening their ties to Scottish royalty. Their lineage left an indelible mark on Scottish history, with Alexander Nesbitt serving as a loyal Sheriff of Berwick and Philip, his son, valiantly fighting alongside James Graham, the Marquess of Montrose, during the civil war. Philip's unwavering loyalty unfortunately led to his capture and eventual execution, forever immortalizing his sacrifice in the annals of Scottish heroism. The esteemed heraldic writer Alexander Nisbet, a distinguished member of the clan, cemented his legacy with the publication of "System of Heraldry" in 1722, a renowned treatise on heraldry that continues to preserve the historical significance and symbolism of Scottish clans.
The Nisbet Muted Tartan beautifully combines a palette of red, green, black, and white. The dominant red symbolizes the fiery spirit and courage inherent in the Nisbet lineage, while the vibrant green represents the lush landscapes of their ancestral home. Black lends an air of elegance and strength, mirroring the resilience of the clan throughout the centuries. Finally, white adds a touch of purity and clarity, signifying the noble aspirations and honor upheld by the Nisbet family.
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