Nicolson Tartan (Macnicol)

Step into the rich tapestry of Scottish heritage with the Nicolson or Macnicol Tartan. This timeless tartan holds a profound historical significance, tracing its origins back to the ancient MacNicol and Nicolson families of Scotland. These illustrious clans have deep roots in the lands between Assynt and Durness on the north coast, as well as the enchanting Hebrides, particularly the captivating Isle of Skye. For over 800 years, Clan MacNicol has thrived in the rugged terrain of the Hebrides and Western Highlands, with their esteemed chief residing at Scorrybreac near the picturesque Portree. The MacNeacail lineage, led by the indomitable John MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac, embodies the spirit and resilience of their ancestors. Meanwhile, the Lowland Clan Nicolson, with its vacant chief position, shares a deep connection to this ancient lineage. The name Nicolson or MacNicol, derived from the Gaelic "MacNeacail" or "son of Nicol," resonates with a sense of tradition and heritage. Throughout history, it has assumed various spellings, including Nicol, Nichols, Nicolson, and Nicholson, but its essence remains steadfast. Embodied by the majestic hawk's head crest and the word "Scorrybreac," this tartan serves as a tangible link to the enduring legacy of these noble clans.
This Tartan mesmerizes with a vibrant array of green, red, blue, black and white colors. Shades of green evoke the lush landscapes of the Scottish highlands, while accents of red symbolize the fiery spirit within. Hints of blue pay homage to the expansive Hebridean skies, while black adds a touch of sophistication and depth.
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