Nicholson Tartan

This Nicholson Tartan holds deep historical significance, rooted in the ancient Gaelic origins of the Nicolson clan. Derived from the Gaelic name 'MacNeacail,' meaning 'son of Nicol,' the name itself reflects its Viking and Latin roots. The clan initially resided in Ross-shire, with a lineage traced back to the noble Mackrycul family. However, a crucial event in the 14th century brought about the merging of bloodlines and enduring alliances. When the male line of the Chief's family ended, the Chief's daughter married Torquil MacLeod of Lewis, uniting the Nicolson and MacLeod clans. This union marked a new era, as the Nicolson clan followed the MacLeods of Lewis and settled on the picturesque Isle of Skye, making Scorrybreac their Chief's residence. The name became deeply intertwined with the world of tartans, symbolizing their own heritage and connection to the esteemed MacLeod of Lewis and Campbell of Argyll clans. This clan experienced various transitions and adventures throughout history. However, the last Chief, Norman Nicolson of Scorrybreac, decided to seek new horizons and embarked on a journey that took him to the distant shores of New Zealand, carrying with him the spirit of this tartan and its ancestral heritage.
Radiating with natural beauty, this distinguished tartan proudly showcases dominant hues of red, green, blue, and black. Like the rolling hills, vibrant forests, and deep lochs of Scotland, these colors intertwine in a visually captivating pattern, paying homage to the vibrant history and enduring traditions of the clan. Each shade has been meticulously selected to evoke a profound sense of strength, unity, and reverence for the remarkable Scottish heritage that the Tartan symbolizes.
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