Morgan Tartan

The name Morgan holds a place of significance throughout Britain, with origins dating back to early Celtic and Old British times. In Scotland, Morgans were predominantly found in Aberdeenshire and among the esteemed Sutherland Mackays. Clan Morgan had strong ties to the Mackays of the Reay region, eventually becoming Clan Aoidh. The Morgan Modern tartan, predominantly adorned in shades of blue and black with touches of red, pays homage to the proud heritage of Morgans who have been embraced as clansmen by the Clan MacKenzie Chief. It shares the same captivating pattern as the MacKay Blue Ancient tartan, allowing Morgans, as a sept of Clan MacKay, to proudly don the MacKay clan crest. The designer of the Morgan Modern tartan hails from a Celtic family with deep Scottish roots, traced back through the Mackenzie lineage. The name Morgan itself traces its origins to the Old Welsh personal name Morcant, meaning "sea circle." This popular Welsh-origin surname holds particular prominence in Mid/South Wales, resonating with the captivating allure of the maritime environment. As you embrace the Morgan Tartan, you become part of a timeless legacy, forever entwined with the spirit of Scotland.
Predominantly featuring captivating shades of blue, black, and red, with delicate touches of white, the Morgan Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of colors. Each shade represents a facet of Scottish culture, evoking the lush landscapes, majestic highlands, and rich traditions that have shaped the nation. Whether you are drawn to the serene greens reminiscent of the Scottish countryside or the bold blues that mirror the vastness of the surrounding seas, the Morgan Tartan encapsulates the essence of Scotland's vibrant heritage.
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