Montgomery Tartan

The Montgomery tartan has a rich history dating back to the early days of the Scottish clans. The Montgomery name is said to have originated from a Norman family who held the Castle of St. Foy de Montgomery near Lisieux, in France. The family was represented by the Montgomerie Earls of Eglinton and Winton, who live near Cargill in Perthshire. The first Montgomery recorded in Scotland was Robert, who obtained the lands of Eaglesham in Renfrewshire. The Montgomerys were a powerful Lowland family with links to several Highland Clans, rather than a clan in the traditional Highland sense of the word. The most commonly seen tartan associated with this name is first recorded in the famous weaving firm of William Wilson & Son of Bannockburn's Tartan Book No.4., possibly adapted by the Montgomeries of Ayrshire about the time of the Union in 1707. This would make it one of the earliest Lowland tartans. A sample at Kilbarchan Weaver's Cottage shows a very large sett with the thread count for each blue being 60. The Montgomery tartan also appears in Clans Originaux (Montgomerie) and the Scottish Tartans World Register. The Montgomery tartan has been the basis of a number of clan tartans and is associated with the lands of Eglinton, Ardrossan, and Kintyre. Today, the clan chief is The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Eglinton and Winton, and the clan motto is "Garde bien" or "Watch well."
The Montgomery tartan is a distinctive plaid pattern that features a predominantly blue and green color palette, with a few accent stripes in white and black. The pattern consists of multiple thin stripes of varying widths, with the dominant blue and green shades alternating in a diagonal fashion. The Montgomery tartan is known for its sharp and crisp appearance, making it a popular choice for formal occasions. This particular tartan is named after the Scottish Clan Montgomery, which originated in the Lowlands of Scotland in the 12th century. Today, the Montgomery tartan remains a popular choice for clothing and accessories, particularly in Scotland and other parts of the world with strong Scottish heritage.
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