Middleton Tartan

The Middleton clan is believed to have taken its name from lands near Laurencekirk in Kincardineshire, although there are various areas called Middleton in Scotland. The family's lands were confirmed by a charter of King William the Lion, and the clan motto is "Fortis in Arduis" (Brave in Difficulty). The crest of the clan is a lion rampant Gules, armed and langued Azure, issuing out of a tower Sable. The spelling of the name has varied over time, with many variations emphasizing the "middle town" origin, including Mydiltoune, Mediltoune, Mideltowne, Midiltoun, Midtoun, Myddiltoun, and Myddiltoune. Humphrey de Middleton of Kincardyn rendered homage to Edward I of England in the Ragman Roll of 1296, and in the same year Robert de Middleton was taken prisoner at Dunbar Castle. The family came to prominence in the 17th century, with John, son of Middleton of Coldham, a professional soldier who joined Hepburn's regiment in the service of the king of France. He returned to Scotland in 1642 to enter the service of the opponents of Charles I, first as a cavalry commander and later as a general. General Middleton was with Leslie's cavalry which surprised Montrose at Philiphaugh in 1645 and pursued him northwards. He negotiated the terms which allowed the king's captain general to take ship for the Continent when the marquess received direct orders from Charles to disband his forces in 1646.
The Middleton Tartan is characterized by a bold design and striking colors. It features a predominantly green background with red stripes and a thin white line in between. The red and green colors represent the lush landscapes of Scotland and are a nod to the clan's Kincardineshire origins. The Middleton Tartan is a versatile design and can be worn by anyone, regardless of their affiliation with the clan.
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