McCorquodale Tartan

Clan McCorquodale is a Scottish clan with roots in the Norse name "Thorketill," meaning 'son of Torquil.' Legend has it that the clan's founder, Thorkil, recovered the head of the late King of Scots and was rewarded with a charter of land. The clan, recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, once inhabited lands west of Loch Awe in Argyll. The clan's seat was at Loch Tromlee, where an island castle served as the chief's residence. Their motto is "Vivat Rex" - "Long live the King". Despite having no recognized chief since the 18th century, This Tartan is a symbol of the clan's legacy and is now worn with pride by many Scots and those who are proud of their Scottish heritage.
The McCorquodale Tartan is a visually striking pattern of blue, black, and red stripes. The blue in the tartan represents the waters of Loch Awe, while the black and red stripes symbolize the Scottish landscape and the blood spilled in battle. The pattern is woven with care and attention to detail, resulting in a beautiful and intricate design.
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