MacTavish Tartan

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the MacTavish Tartan, a design that bears witness to the remarkable heritage of the MacTavish clan. During the fervent Jacobite uprisings, the MacTavishes passionately supported the restoration of the Stuarts to the throne. Derived from the Gaelic name "MacThamlais," meaning "son of Thomas," the MacTavishes flourished in the picturesque lands of Argyllshire and held a prominent presence in the scenic Strathglass. The MacTavish clan's lineage is intertwined with other noble Scottish families. The MacTavishes of Strathherrick, esteemed as a sept of the Frasers, share a special bond, while the main stem of the MacTavishes are regarded as septs of the Campbells. Reflecting the diverse branches of their ancestral tree, variations of the name include MacTause, MacTawse, MacAvish, MacCause, Tawse, Tawesson, Thompson, Thomson, and MacCavishy. The MacThomas branch, an anglicized offshoot of the MacTavish clan, holds ties to Clan Chattan. Settling primarily in the enchanting Glenshee and Glenisla regions, the MacThomas lineage weaves its own captivating tapestry within the broader Scottish narrative. Today, the esteemed Clan Chief Steven MacTavish of Dunardy proudly upholds the enduring legacy of the MacTavish clan, ensuring its history and traditions are preserved for generations to come.
The MacTavish Tartan delights the senses with its harmonious blend of colors. Featuring bold shades of black, red, and blue, this tartan evokes a powerful sense of Scottish identity. The striking black hue symbolizes strength and determination, while the vibrant red represents passion and courage. Blue, a color associated with loyalty and integrity, adds a touch of tranquility to this magnificent tartan design.
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