Macrae Hunting Weathered Tartan

The Macrae Clan is a Scottish Highland clan with a history dating back to the 13th century. The clan takes its name from the village of Kintail in the Western Highlands, where it was originally known as "Clan Macraith". According to tradition, the MacRaes settled in Kintail during the 14th century. They became trusted supporters of the MacKenzies and held positions of influence such as Chamberlains of Kintail and Constables of Eilean Donan Castle. During the Jacobite uprising, the MacRaes fought for the Royal Stuarts and demonstrated unwavering loyalty. The Macrae Hunting Weathered Tartan is a modern tartan designed to represent the Macrae Clan, and it features a combination of muted earth tones including green, brown, and tan.
The Macrae Clan was known for its prowess as warriors and for its loyalty to the Scottish crown. During the Jacobite uprisings in the 18th century, the Macraes fought on the side of the British government against the rebels. One of the most famous Macraes was Kenneth Macrae, who served as a piper to Queen Victoria and was known for his skill on the bagpipes. The Macrae Hunting Weathered Tartan is a popular choice for those who want to celebrate their Scottish heritage or who are fans of the Macrae Clan. The muted colors and earthy tones make it a versatile tartan that can be worn in a variety of settings. It is made from 100% pure new wool and is woven in Scotland, ensuring its authenticity and quality. Today, the MacRae Hunting Weathered Tartan serves as a symbol of their proud heritage and brave contributions to Scottish history.