Macqueen Tartan

The Mcqueen Tartan weaves a captivating narrative deeply intertwined with the tapestry of Scottish clans and their rich ancestral connections. Tracing its roots to the MacSween clan, who claim kinship with the esteemed Irish high kings and the influential Clan Donald, this tartan carries an esteemed legacy. The MacQueens of the clan played a significant role in the region's history, their influence extending beyond their own lineage. Notably, MacQueens of the Mcqueen Tartan provided an honorable escort at the union between a daughter of Clan Ranald and the esteemed chief of Clan Mackintosh. This momentous occasion solidified the bonds between these distinguished clans and emphasized the MacQueens' standing within the Scottish community. It was during this time that many MacQueens chose to settle in the picturesque Findhorn valley, a land of striking beauty and enduring charm. Throughout the generations, the MacQueens, known by their Gaelic name MacShuibhne, have remained steadfast in their commitment to their heritage. Their motto, "Constant and Faithful," embodies their unwavering dedication to their values and traditions, serving as a guiding principle for the clan. Symbolizing their identity, the badge of the MacQueens is the boxwood, a resilient and enduring emblem that represents their unwavering spirit.
The Mcqueen Tartan's color pattern is a vibrant reflection of the clan's history and character. Its striking stripes of red, yellow, and black weave together harmoniously, exuding strength, pride, and a deep connection to Scottish heritage. Delicate hues are interwoven, adding dimension and depth to this exquisite tartan. Each thread tells a tale, honoring the MacQueen lineage and their historic ties to the lands of Skye, Lewis, Argyll, and Moray.
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