MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan - Limited

It is believed that the MacPhail Clan is an ancient Scottish clan with an extensive and fascinating heritage that spans back to the time of the kingdoms that existed in past Scotland. The MacPhail clan is believed to be a descendant of the Hebrides, which is a group of islands located off the western coast of Scotland in a place where they were renowned for their maritime capabilities and their skill in combat. The first MacPhails are believed to be descendants of Paul Cattanach. MacPhails or the Son of Paul was first mentioned within the Kinrara Manuscript, which states that Paul MacPhail, also known as Gow MacPhail, "good sir" was alive during the time of Duncan 11th, MacKintosh's 11th. The phrase "good sir" was a practice that was mostly used to address clergymen. The MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan includes bottles in green, red black, and light blue. As time passed the individuals belonging to the MacPhail Clan spread out across Scotland and became an influential and respected family.
It is a distinct pattern that is connected to that of the MacPhail Clan. Tartan is a woven fabric, which is usually constructed from wool. It is distinguished by its distinctive pattern of crossed stripes. Each tartan is linked to an individual Scottish clan, for example, the MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan is not an exception. The design that is featured on this MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan is believed to be a reflection of the colors of the ocean and landscapes that were the scene of the MacPhail family living within the Hebrides. The MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan is typically composed of shades of green, blue, and red. The design is believed to represent the family's connection to the sea and the land. The MacPhail Blue Bands Tartan is an opportunity for the members of the MacPhail Clan to show their pride in the family. MacPhail Clan displays that they are proud of their culture and reconnect with their ancestors as well as the traditions of their families.