MacNab Tartan

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Scottish history with this Tartan. Named after the esteemed Clan MacNab, this tartan carries a legacy that spans generations. This name originates from the Gaelic term "Mac-an-aba," signifying "son of the abbot" and hinting at a connection to the revered clerical profession. Tracing their ancestry back to the hereditary Celtic Abbot of Glen Dochart, who flourished during the reign of David I, this clan has left an indelible mark on Scotland's storied past. Throughout the ages, they have forged alliances and experienced trials that have shaped their identity. In 1606, the MacNabs and MacIntoshes signed a Bond of Manrent, revealing a deep connection between these influential clans. However, they suffered the loss of substantial lands during the reign of Robert the Bruce, following their support of the MacDougalls during the War of Independence. Noteworthy moments in their history include their allegiance with the Hanoverians during the Rising of 1745. They engaged in fierce conflicts, including a vengeful attack by the chief's twelve strong and athletic sons against the Clan Neish. In another significant chapter, they fought alongside James Graham, the 1st Marquess of Montrose, supporting the Royalist cause during the Civil War.
This Tartan showcases an exquisite combination of colors, with vibrant red and rich green as its defining elements. The interplay of red and green creates a visually captivating pattern, further accentuated by the intricate set design. These hues evoke a sense of heritage, passion, and natural beauty that embodies the spirit of Scotland itself.
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