Macgillivray Tartan

The Clan MacGillivray is a Scottish Highland clan and a member of the historic Chattan Confederation. Their Gaelic name is MacGhille-Bràth which means ‘son of the servant of judgement’ and likely refers to a hereditary occupation in Celtic society. The MacGillivrays were one of the principal surnames of the time of Somerled in the area of Lochaber and have ancient origins. Different branches of the tribe may have formed one Clan under the denomination of Clan Gillivray. When Alexander I conquered Argyll in 1222, it seems that Clan Gillivray dispersed. Some remained in the west in Mull and followed MacLean of Duart, while the majority placed themselves under the protection of the MacIntosh chiefs c.1268. During the 15th century, the MacGillivrays became established in Dunmaglas in Strathnairn and stayed there for four centuries. Three MacGillivrays signed the Clan Chattan bonds of union in the early 17th century. They also played an important role in the Jacobite risings of the 18th century. The Clan was always staunchly loyal to Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite cause, and at the Battle of Culloden, MacGillivray of Dunmaglas led the Macintosh charge. Unfortunately, MacGillivray died during the battle, but the place where he fell, the well of the dead, is marked with a stone bearing his name. The clan motto is "Touch not this cat" and the clan crest is a wildcat.
The MacGillivray Tartan features a distinctive pattern of blue, white, red, and green. The tartan has a predominantly blue background with thin white lines running vertically and horizontally, forming small squares or checks. These checks are then intersected by two thicker lines of green and red. The overall effect is a vibrant and eye-catching tartan that is both elegant and traditional. The colors and design of the tartan reflect the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the rugged landscape that the MacGillivray clan called home.
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