MacCallum Tartan Kilt

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Materials & Features

MacCallum Tartan Kilt

An ancient narrated conventional story goes about the MacCallums tells that probably in the thirteenth century, the head of family based at Colgin was the father of three sons, all of them were intended to live an independent life away from home. Their father prepared them their horses and told them they should ride in their different directions and build their homes wherever their horses’ panniers should first fall off. When the panniers of the first son fell off before he’d left his father’s farm he chose to remain at home.
The panniers of the second fell at Glenetive and the third used the advice to find himself setting up his residence at Kilmartin. In 1779 the name MacCallum changed to Malcolm, a decision of Dugald MacCallum of Poltalloch. The Malcolms are a Clan with which the MacCallums have had many ancestral connections. Some notable people that belongs to Clan MacCallum also includes Zachary MacCallum(d.1647) who was known nationwide for his legendary strength. Whilst in battle against Sir Alexander MacDonald at Ederline he had killed seven men before reaching Sir Alexander. As he moved to make his eight and greatest kill, he was taken from behind by an enemy who killed him with a scythe.
The English-born actor David MacCallum who has been highly successful in film and television through three decades also belongs to the same clan. His work includes leading roles in “The Man From Uncle”, “The Invisible Man”, “Sapphire And Steel” and “The Great Escape”. We offer a Clan MacCallum Tartan Kilt on the first come first serve basis. Due to limited items and lowest prices, the stock may go vanish any moment. Place your order on priority. We deliver worldwide.

Materials & Features
Cloth: 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
Design: Wood Cock Tartan
Pleats: Knife Pleats
Cleaning: Easy to Wash
Buckles: Rust Free
Strap: Adjustable Leather Strap