Logan Tartan

The Logan Tartan holds a rich heritage that traces its roots back to the noble Clan Logan. Despite being an armigerous clan without a recognized Chief, their historical significance cannot be understated. The Logan name finds its origin in the Gaelic word 'lagan,' meaning a little hollow. This ancient Scottish clan shares a common lineage with the Highland Logans, Lobans/Lobbans, and the renowned MacLennans. Notably, Sir Robert Logan embarked on a momentous journey alongside Sir James Douglas, carrying the heart of Bruce to the Holy Land, forever binding the Logans to a symbol of valor—a man's heart. The principal family of the Logans was Lastelrig or Restalrig, and the last Logan of Ayrshire became renowned for his wit and eccentricity, leaving a lasting impression on their legacy. With a shared history with the MacLennans, the Logan Clan's tartan often intertwines with their own, representing their enduring bond. The Logan Clan motto, 'Hoc majorum virtus' (This is the valor of my ancestors), resonates with their unwavering pride. Adorned with a crest featuring a nail piercing a heart, the Logan Tartan stands as a testament to their indomitable spirit and noble heritage.
Each Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of colors that reflects the beauty of Scottish landscapes. Within its vibrant pattern, you will find mesmerizing stripes of green, black, blue, red, and yellow hues. These captivating colors intertwine, evoking the lush greenery of the Highlands, the deep mystery of ancient lochs, the fiery spirit of Scotland's clans, and the golden hues of its breathtaking sunsets. Each stripe holds its significance, representing the diverse facets of Scottish heritage and capturing the essence of the Logan Clan's enduring legacy.
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