Leslie Hunting Ancient Tartan

Balquhain Castle was first constructed in the 14th Century The Leslie family resided in the Castle and its grounds from 1340. It is also the clan's seat since the time of the clan of Leslie. The Castle is situated in Aberdeenshire near Inverurie within the boundaries of the farm. The castle was destroyed in a dispute between members of the Forbes family, in the year 1526. It was rebuilt shortly thereafter in 1530.
The Leslie family lived within the castle till 1710, when the last member of the family moved out and the Clan settled at Fetter near. The castle was burnt by the forces from William the Duke of William in 1746. It is still standing. Leslie Hunting Ancient Tartan fabric by the meter is made from 100% pure new wool and proudly woven in Scotland. The color of this tartan includes Green, Blue, Red, Black, and White.
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