Kelly Tartan

Clan Kelly is a prominent Scottish clan that traces its origins back to the area of Galloway in the southwest of Scotland, though the exact date of its formation remains unclear. The clan was renowned for its fighting prowess and played a crucial role in several Scottish conflicts throughout history. However, the clan lacks a recognized chief under Scots Law and is considered an armigerous clan. This implies that at one point, the clan had a chief who held chiefly arms, but no one possesses such arms currently. The sole evidence for the existence of this clan is a reference to Kelly of that ilk by Alexander Nisbet, who described the arms as or, a saltire sable between four fleurs-de-lis azure. This surname has diverse origins, with its roots in England, Ireland, and Scotland. The clan name might be a variant of Kelloe, a barony in the lands of Home in Berwickshire, or the Kellys of Galloway and Wigtownshire, who are likely of Celtic descent. This name appears in different locations such as Kellie Castle in Fife and Angus, Kelloe in Durham and Northumberland, and among early Scottish bearers of the name such as William de Kellaw, bailiff to Alexander III in 1278, and Richard de Kellow, who witnessed a charter in Roxburghshire in 1338.
This Tartan is characterized by its unique mint green, brown, pink, and white pattern. These colors hold significant meaning in Scottish tradition, with green representing the land, brown representing the earth, pink representing the heather, and white representing the sky. The tartan's pattern is a saltire sable between four fleurs-de-lis azure, as described by Alexander Nisbet in his reference to Kelly of that ilk.
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