John Muir Tartan

The John Muir tartan was created in 1998 by David McGill for the 150th anniversary of John Muir's entry into America. The United States was launched at a celebration within Pleasanton, the San Francisco Bay area the City of Pleasanton in 2002. Muir's grandson accepted the inscribed tartan clock as well as frames on behalf of his family. Muir family. Muir is considered to be an influencer to both Scots as well as Americans'. Muir's biographer Steven J. Holmes believes that Muir has been regarded as "one of the saints patronized of the 20th century American environmental activism," both political and recreational. John Muir Tartan is suited to be worn for any occasion or event. The tartan is generally constructed from Acrylic Wool fabric and is characterized by navy, light blue, and white, which can lighten the tartan and provide it with some balance.
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