Grant Tartan

The Lindsay Tartan is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of history, a living testament to the enduring legacy of Clan Grant. This ancient Scottish clan can trace its roots back to the 9th century, its lineage intertwined with the storied history of Scotland itself. Originating under the aegis of Kenneth MacAlpine, King of Scotland, Clan Grant has weathered the storms of time with steadfast loyalty. One of the most remarkable chapters in the clan's history is its unwavering support for the indomitable William Wallace, the valiant Scottish knight who led a spirited rebellion against English rule in the late 13th century. While much of the Highlands faced the heart-wrenching period of the Highland Clearances, Clan Grant stood as a beacon of resilience. Their esteemed chief, "Good Sir James" Grant, even took it upon himself to build the town of Grantown-on-Spey, ensuring his clansmen could thrive and avoid forced emigration. Embodying the motto "Stand fast," Clan Grant has always championed loyalty and unwavering dedication. Their crest, featuring a blazing hill or mountain, symbolizes their fiery spirit. Members of Clan Grant have played pivotal roles in Scottish history, from serving as sheriffs to supporting royalty, including the legendary King Robert the Bruce. With branches such as the Grants of Freuchie and the Grants of Rothiemurchus, this clan's influence is vast and varied.
The Lindsay Tartan proudly boasts a rich and distinctive design. Rooted in history, this red-based tartan is adorned with striking forest green, navy, and sky white stripes, gracefully interspersed with brown accents. Its intricate sett pattern reflects the clan's enduring connection to Scotland's lush landscapes, making it a true symbol of Scottish heritage.
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