Gordon Tartan

Step into the mesmerizing tapestry of Scottish heritage with the captivating Gordon Tartan. Every thread of this iconic fabric weaves a tale of resilience, loyalty and history that spans generations. Because of the annals of Scotland's past as we unveil the profound legacy of Clan Gordon. From the heart of the Scottish Borders to the regal landscapes of Aberdeenshire, the Gordons stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Highlands. Their motto, "Bydand" (Remaining), echoes through history, embodying the clan's unwavering commitment to their roots. Led by formidable figures like Sir Adam and Sir Alexander Gordon, the clan carved its name in history. Sir Adam, a staunch supporter of Robert the Bruce, sought the Pope's aid to reverse Bruce's excommunication, marking a remarkable chapter in Scotland's struggle for independence. Sir Alexander, known as the "Cock o' the North," ascended to the title of Earl of Huntly in 1449, embodying the pride and strength of the clan.
So, then envision the resplendent Gordon Tartan, where hues of dark green serve as a canvas for a symphony of navy blue, black and yellow stripes. This pattern speaks of unity and diversity, a reflection of the clan's ability to adapt while preserving its essence. Each stripe weaves a thread of history, telling tales of Gordon advisers standing by Mary of Guise during her rule and the selection of the tartan as the Regimental tartan of the Gordon Highlanders in 1793.
And at Scottish Kilt, we take immense pride in being the torchbearers of Scotland's cultural legacy. Our brand is more than a label; it's a commitment to preserving and sharing the treasures of Scottish heritage. As connoisseurs of traditional attire, we offer a diverse range of products that celebrate the spirit of Scotland, and the Gordon Tartan stands as a jewel in our collection. Experience the essence of Scotland with Scottish Kilt.