Gilmour Tartan

The Gilmour Tartan is steeped in a rich historical legacy, tracing its origins to the ancient traditions of Scotland. Belonging to the renowned Morrison clan, the tartan represents a union of various individual families hailing from both the Highland and Lowland regions. Recognized as a single clan in 1965 by Lord Lyon King of Arms, the Morrison clan's history intertwines with fascinating tales of resilience and diverse ancestral roots. Legend has it that one branch of the Morrison clan can be traced back to a Norse family shipwrecked on the shores of Lewis, while the mainland branch descends from a Norman called Maurice. With its crest depicting an arm and dagger rising from a wall, the Morrison clan motto, "Teaghlach Phabbay" (Family of Pabbay), encapsulates their strong sense of kinship and unity. The Gilmour clan, from which the tartan also draws its name, is believed to have originated in Fife, Scotland. The clan's name derives from the Gaelic term "giolla mor," meaning "big lad" or "big servant." Their history intertwines with pivotal moments in Scottish history, with notable figures like Sir Alexander Gilmour serving in the court of King James III during the 15th century. The Gilmour clan stood firm in conflicts such as the Wars of Scottish Independence and the Jacobite Rising of 1715, displaying unwavering loyalty and courage.
While the Gilmour Tartan symbolizes this storied heritage, its colors and sett pattern further accentuate its allure. Predominantly featuring shades of purple, pink, white, red, and black, the tartan's vibrant hues evoke a sense of regality and distinction. Each thread woven meticulously into the fabric serves as a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail behind this remarkable tartan.
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