Gillies Tartan

Gillies tartan is a distinct design that is rooted in Scotland. The family of Gillies is believed to have come from the Highlands as well as have a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of time. Gillies tartan is a symbol of the Highlands. Gillies tartan is a representation of their rich heritage and is widely known for being among the top well-known tartans. It means "servant from Jesus" in Gaelic It is believed that the Gillies clan is likely one of the more prestigious Macpherson clans.
The Gillies clan was discovered in Lothian in the 12th Century. Uhtred the son of Gillise owned land in the area between the year 1160. The name of the family is widely known throughout Scotland, particularly in the Scottish Hebrides. Its Gillies Tartan shades are dark blues, greens, yellow, and red along with dark black. This pattern is distinguished by its striking and bold shades, which include shades of blue, and green as well as black and red, and creates an extremely distinctive appearance. It doesn't matter if you want to be a part of your Scottish tradition or simply want to add some fashion to your outfit The Gillies tartan is a fantastic option.