Fraser Of Atholl Tartan

Step back in time and embrace the rich heritage of the Fraser Of Atholl Tartan. This tartan belongs to the Frasers, a renowned Scottish clan with a fascinating history that spans across the Lowlands and Highlands. With origins rooted in Anjou, France, they derived their name from nearby places such as Fredarius, Fresel, or Freseau. While the legendary descent from the Friselii tribe in Roman Gaul may be a heraldic pun, it only adds to the intriguing tapestry of the clan's story. They made their first appearance in Scotland when Simon Fraser held lands in Keith, East Lothian, around 1160. From that moment, the clan became deeply entwined in Scotland's history, supporting Scottish sovereigns and engaging in inter-clan conflicts. They fearlessly fought alongside their fellow countrymen in pivotal battles, including the Battle of Worcester and the Jacobite risings. Today, the clan's influence extends far beyond Scotland's borders. Their widespread diaspora can be found in communities worldwide, with significant concentrations in Canada and the USA. While Lady Saltoun holds the distinguished title of "Chief of the name and arms of the whole Clan Fraser," it's important to note that she leads the senior branch rather than the entire clan. This legacy of them is one of resilience, loyalty, and a deep connection to their Scottish roots. 
The Fraser Of Atholl Tartan proudly showcases a harmonious combination of black, green, and red. The deep black symbolizes strength, dignity, and the resilience of the Frasers throughout their storied history. The vibrant green evokes the lush Scottish landscapes that have been the backdrop of the clan's triumphs and struggles. Finally, the passionate red pays tribute to the bloodshed and sacrifices made by the Fraser clan in their unwavering loyalty to Scotland.
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