Forrester Tartan

Forrester tartan can be described as a style that has been linked to Forrester and the Scottish clan Forrester for several generations. It is believed that the Forrester clan boasts a long tradition, with roots that can be traced to the 13th century in Scotland. Over time Forrester has played a significant role in the development of Scotland. Forrester clan played a major role in Scottish history and has had a major influence on Scotland's history and culture.
It is believed the Clan Forrester is of Celtic origin and was named after Marnin Forrester who owned land in Dunipace, Stirlingshire c.1200. Sir Adam Forrester is regarded as the founder of the clan's father. He was an ambassador, merchant as well as Provost of Edinburgh and also the Conservator of the Great Seal of Scotland, and the deputy Chamberlain of Scotland in the fourteenth century. He was in 1376 when he bought Corstorphine's estate. Corstorphine can be found in Midlothian. The color of Forrester tartan is Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Forrester tartan is a symbol of the family's heritage. Forrester tartan, just like other tartans, represents a part of the family's history and past. It's a pattern of interlocking stripes in various shades that form a distinctive pattern. The tartan is generally made of wool that is of the highest quality and is used to make scarfs, kilts as well as other clothing items.