Farquharson Weathered Tartan

The Farquharson Clan is a Scottish Highland clan that originated in the 14th century. The clan's founder was Finla Mor who lived in the Braemar area of Aberdeenshire. The clan name comes from Farquhar Macintosh, who was a notable member of the clan in the 16th century. The Farquharsons were known for their fierce loyalty to the Stuart cause during the Jacobite uprisings. The Farquharson Weathered Tartan is deeply rooted in the clan's rich history. The clan is named after Farquhar Shaw, who was the fourth son of Alexander "Ciar" Mackintosh of Rothiemurchus, the fifth Chief of Clan Shaw. Farquhar Shaw moved to the Braes of Mar, and one of his descendants was killed in the Battle of Pinkie in 1547 while performing the duties of King's standard-bearer. The family joined the Chattan Confederation in 1595, and Braemar Castle became their seat. The Farquharsons were loyal supporters of the House of Stuart, and John Farquharson of Inverey declared his support for John Graham of Claverhouse, also known as Bonnie Dundee, in 1689.
The Farquharson Weathered Tartan reflects the rugged landscape of their homeland and is a tribute to the clan's fierce loyalty and bravery. The clan was involved in the Battle of Culloden in 1746, and many members were imprisoned or exiled for their participation in the uprising. The Farquharson Weathered Tartan is a popular tartan that features a muted color palette that gives it a weathered, vintage appearance. It is made up of muted shades of green, brown, and grey, which make it a versatile and sophisticated choice. The Farquharson tartan has a unique pattern that includes a large central stripe surrounded by smaller stripes of varying widths. The weathered look of the tartan gives it a timeless quality that is both traditional and modern. The Farquharson Weathered Tartan is a popular choice for kilts, jackets, and other traditional Scottish clothing.