Elliott Tartan

The Elliott tartan is a classic Scottish plaid design, characterized by its striking blend of blue, green, and red hues on a white background. This particular pattern holds deep meaning and significance, as it is associated with the Elliott clan, a proud and ancient Scottish clan with roots dating back to the Middle Ages. The clan is believed to have originated in the Borders region of Scotland and continues to thrive today, with a global community of Elliott descendants. The Elliott tartan is often worn by members of the clan or those with a connection to the clan and can be found in a variety of garments, including kilts, ties, scarves, and other clothing items.
The royal blue, red, and brown colors of this contemporary tartan make for a striking and elegant appearance. Here at our shop, we take great pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality garments made from this beautiful Elliott Tartan, ensuring that every detail is perfectly in place to reflect the refined style of the Elliott family. Order any of our listed products in this tartan and we'll create a custom-made garment to your exact measurements.