Elliot Tartan

The Elliot Tartan is a significant symbol of Scottish history, particularly the 14th century, when the Clan Eliott, hailing from Angus, relocated to Teviotdale in the Borders to protect the King's son, the Lord of Liddesdale. The tartan's origins are not precisely known, but it is believed that it was created by the Elliots to identify themselves as a clan. The name "Eliott" is said to have come from the village of Eliot in Angus District, with the extra "t" added by a branch of them who embraced Christianity as a symbol of the cross. The clan's motto, "Fortiter Et Recte," meaning "Boldly and rightly," highlights their honorable and just reputation, representing their unwavering determination to protect their people and lands. The clan's crest features a raised fist holding a sword, a symbol of their determination to protect their people and lands. The clan has faced many challenges throughout wars, feuds, and political upheavals. Despite these challenges, they have remained steadfast, continuing to fight for their rights and beliefs.
The Elliot Tartan features a striking pattern with a combination of bold colors that represent the clan's strength and courage. The dominant colors in the tartan are a rich blue, deep forest brown, and a bright, fiery red. The blue symbolizes loyalty, the brown represents the hills and forests where the clan once lived, and the red represents the blood spilled in battles fought for honor and land. The unique pattern of this tartan consists of broad stripes in blue and brown, interspersed with thin, vibrant red lines.
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