Davidson Ancient Tartan

The Davidson Clan is a Scottish Highland clan with roots dating back to the 14th century. The clan originated from the northeastern region of Scotland, around the areas of Aberdeenshire and Moray. The clan's name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic term "MacDhai," meaning "son of David"', the clan was originally known as the Clan Dhai, but later evolved into the Davidson Clan. The Davidson Clan was recognized for its valor and was fought in many battles, including the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The Davidson Clan's history can be traced back to their first chief, David Dhu, who gave the clan its original name, Clan Dhai. The chief was known as "of Invernahaven" in earlier times. In the 14th century, the clan joined the Clan Chattan Confederation of Clans and had a dispute with the Macpherson clan over their precedence within the confederation. This dispute is believed to have led to the infamous battle at the North Inch of Perth in 1396, where 30 members of each clan fought in front of the King, resulting in the majority of the Davidsons losing their lives.
The clan was loyal to the Jacobite cause and fought alongside Bonnie Prince Charlie, leading to many members being imprisoned or executed following the Battle of Culloden. The Davidson Ancient Tartan is a traditional tartan pattern that is symbolic of the Davidson Clan's heritage. The tartan features a base of dark green, navy blue, and black stripes with red and white accent stripes. The ancient tartan refers to a historical pattern that was worn by clansmen in the past and has since been revived for modern use. Despite this tragedy, the Davidsons from Tulloch and Cantray remained influential branches of the family during the 18th century. Today, the Tulloch branch is regarded as the branch with the highest status, adding to the unique story of the Davidson Clan's evolution throughout history.