Craig Ancient Tartan

In 1610 Sir James Craig and his family left Scotland for Ireland in the Jacobean plantation of Ulster. A descendant of the family, James Craig of County Down was one of the leaders of the Ulster Volunteer Force set up in the fight to defeat Home Rule in the early 1920s. James became the first Premier in Northern Ireland by 1921 and became Viscount Craigavon. In the 1960s, a brand new town, Craig, was named in honor of the topographic feature of cliffs or crags.
The most well-known Craig family is that of the Craigs who resided in Riccarton (1538) however the name is used across Scotland and in particular Edinburgh, Berwickshire, and Aberdeenshire. The tartan was created in the year 1957. The color of Craig Ancient Tartan is Grey, Green, Red, Black, and yellow.
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