County Limerick Tartan

County Limerick, situated in the Munster province of Ireland, boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage. Its Gaelic motto "Cuimhnigh ar Luimneach," or "Remember Limerick," is a testament to its enduring legacy. The county has been inhabited by various tribes throughout its history, including the Coriondi tribe as noted in Ptolemy's work from the 2nd century, and later the Uaithne, the Ciarrage [Luachra], and the Ui Fidgeinte. During the Norman invasion, prominent families in the region included O'Hurley, Mac Sheehy, O'Gorman, O'Collins, O'Coin, O'Scanlan, and O'Hallinan. Following a long conflict with the neighboring O’Brien's, most of the rulers fled to Kerry and Cork. The Fitzgeralds and other Norman families then took control of the land and prevented the rulers' return, including the ancestors of Michael Collins and famous O’Connells of Derrynane, who were among the princes of the Uí Fidgeinte. In an attempt to curtail the power of Gaelicised Norman rulers, the Tudors in England established colonies of English in the county. However, the leading Limerick Normans, known as the Geraldines, revolted against English rule in 1569, resulting in a violent war and the confiscation of much of their land. The county played a pivotal role in the 17th century Irish Confederate Wars and was embroiled in the Cromwellian and Williamite conflicts leading up to the War of Independence.
This Tartan is a stunning plaid that features a vibrant mix of blue, red, yellow, green, and brown. These colors are woven together to create a distinct pattern that is both beautiful and meaningful. The blue represents the rivers and lakes that flow through County Limerick, while the green represents the lush countryside. The red and yellow symbolize the strength and courage of the people of Limerick, while the brown represents the fertile land that sustains them.
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