County Cork Tartan

The County Cork tartan weaves a compelling narrative that transports us back through the annals of Scottish history. Designed by the talented Polly Wittering in 1997, this tartan may not hold an official District status, but it holds an irreplaceable place in the hearts of the Macnaughtons of Pitlochry and tartan enthusiasts alike. The genesis of this tartan finds its inspiration in the County Cork, a region renowned for its spirited past and a moniker that has become synonymous with rebellion – "the rebel county." As the tumultuous waves of history crashed upon its shores, the County Cork became a crucible for resilience, symbolized in the County Cork tartan's design. Polly Wittering's creation is a testament to the enduring spirit of Scotland. And a beacon of hope pays homage to the motto "Static bene fida carinis," meaning "a harbor safe for ships."
Let your eyes wander across the intricate sett pattern as we showcase the County Cork tartan in all its glory. The meticulous design captures the essence of Scotland's rugged landscapes and turbulent history. The dominant shades of green and Red mirror the lush fields and earthy terrain, while navy blue hints at the deep, mysterious lochs that dot the landscape. The bursts of bright yellow are like beams of sunlight piercing through the Scottish mist.
Last but not the Least, We Scottish Kilt take immense pride in offering a diverse range of products steeped in Scottish culture and traditional attire. Our commitment to preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Scottish culture is reflected in every tartan we present. Explore the County Cork tartan and discover a piece of Scotland's history to cherish forever.