Colquhoun Tartan (Kirkpatrick)

Step back in time and discover the captivating history behind the Colquhoun Tartan. This illustrious tartan is steeped in the ancient traditions of Clan Colquhoun, one of Scotland's oldest clans. Dating back to the 13th century, when the clan was granted the lands of Colquhoun in Dunbartonshire, their story is one of resilience and honor. Legend has it that Sir John Colquhoun, a prominent figure within the clan, faced accusations of eloping and practicing witchcraft. These grave allegations resulted in the forfeiture of his lands. However, the clan persevered and acquired additional territories, including the renowned Luss. A fierce rivalry between the Colquhouns and the MacGregors emerged, leading to a feud that ultimately resulted in the Macgregor being outlawed. The grandeur of the Colquhouns' heritage is beautifully represented in their tartan. As one of the oldest clan tartans, it holds a special place in Scottish history and evokes a sense of pride and belonging among those who wear it.
The Colquhoun Tartan features a harmonious blend of colors that tell a vivid story. Radiant red represents the fiery spirit and courage of the clan, while vibrant green symbolizes the lush landscapes of their ancestral lands. Crisp white embodies purity and honor, while deep black signifies strength and determination. Adding a touch of regality, deep blue weaves through the pattern, reminding us of the importance of loyalty and heritage. The tartan's sett pattern showcases a captivating arrangement of intersecting lines and squares, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the Colquhoun clan's history and tradition.
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