Clare County Tartan

Clare County Tartan It is a distinct plaid that represents Clare County which is situated in Clare situated in Ireland. It is believed that the tradition came first discovered in the mid-19th century, and has become an iconic symbol of the county's past and its identity. Clare is an Irish county located on the West Coast of Ireland and is an element in Munster. Clare is known as Banner County, which may refer to an earlier practice of carrying banners to events and public gatherings. This plaid is composed of green, blue, and red stripes. They are stitched together to make a distinctive and well-known pattern. Green stripes represent the rolling greenery, lush vegetation and lush hills in the county. The blue stripes represent the River Shannon and the nearby Atlantic Ocean. Because of the movement of people throughout the world, there is an extensive diaspora of people who are that is connected to this county.
Clare County Tartan is suitable as Tartan Accessories. Its latest 100% wool tartan shades are Green, Pink, Black and yellow Shades. The red stripes are considered by some to be a symbol of the burning passion which drives the residents from Clare. Clare County Tartan Clare County Tartan is worn proudly by those who live within the county. It's a popular choice for kilts and other traditional clothing