Clan Lyon Tartan

There was a time when it was believed that the family was original of Celtic origin and was descended from one of the younger sons that belonged to the Lamonts. But the most widely accepted theory is that they are descended from a Norman family known as de Leon, referring to Lyons-la-Foret. Ingelram De Lyons is one of the companions to William the Conqueror during his conquering of England in 1066. In 1080, his cousin Nicholas de Lyons settled in Northampton shire. From this place comes the Lyons family from England along with Ireland. In their family, a young man named Roger is believed to have traveled north of Scotland and acquired land in Perthshire that later became known as Glen Lyon. Thus, Roger de Leonne viewed the charter from Edgar in the Abbey of Dunfermline in the year 1105.
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