Campbell of Argyll Ancient Tartan

The Campbell of Argyll Ancient Tartan carries with it the profound depth of Scottish history and the indomitable spirit of Clan Campbell, a lineage steeped in the valor and politics of Scotland since the 13th century. Torquhil Campbell, the current 13th Duke of Argyll, upholds the clan's prestigious heritage, including the unique tradition of Elephant Polo, symbolizing the clan's enduring legacy and global footprint. The Clan's motto, "Ne Obliviscaris" (Forget Not), serves as a clarion call to honor and remember their significant history, from their origins tied to the Diarmid race and the granting of the Lordship of Lochow to Colin Campbell of Lochow's knighthood in 1280 that marked the clan's ascent to prominence. Historically dominant in Argyllshire and the West of Scotland, the Campbells played pivotal roles in state affairs, holding positions such as Hereditary Lord Justice General. Before 1701, the chiefs of Clan Campbell were recognized as Earls of Argyll, with the 10th Earl elevated to a Dukedom by William of Orange. The "Campbell of Argyll" tartan, notably enhanced by a white line added by the Sixth Duke, stands as a symbol of clan unity and distinction, despite its contentious origins, embodying a rich tapestry of Scottish history and culture.
This exquisite tartan boasts a vibrant blend of blue and green thick stripes, artfully interwoven with delicate lines of yellow, white, and black. The careful juxtaposition of these colors not only reflects the natural beauty of Argyllshire but also symbolizes the strength and resilience of the Campbell clan. This particular sett pattern, with its precise arrangement and color scheme, is a testament to the clan's historical significance and enduring legacy.
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