Borthwick Tartan

The Borthwick clan, based in the Lowlands, has a rich history dating back to the 14th century. Sir William Borthwick, a member of the clan, showed his bravery during a mission to take Robert the Bruce's heart to the Holy Land in 1330, when he saved the group from Moorish attackers by decapitating their leader. The clan's motto is "Qui Conducit" ("He who leads") and their crest features a Moor's head. The clan's historic seat is Borthwick Castle in Midlothian and their chief is the Rt. Hon Lord Borthwick. The name "Borthwick" likely originated from lands on Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire, and the first person with the surname was Thomas de Borthwick, who was granted lands in Midlothian in the 14th century. Thomas's grandson, Sir William Borthwick, confirmed his ownership of the lands of Borthwick and during the 15th century, the Borthwick clan became Lords of Parliament. The clan's tartan was recorded with the Lord Lyon in 1987, though its origins are thought to be modern. Despite uncertain origins, the Borthwick clan's contributions to Scottish history are significant and enduring.
The Borthwick Tartan is a modern design with a color palette of black, white, grey, red, and green. The pattern features a series of thin, white lines running horizontally across a black and grey background, with thick red and green stripes running vertically. The overall effect is a muted yet distinctive tartan that reflects the clan's historic influence and modern style. While the origins of the tartan are uncertain, it was officially recorded with the Lord Lyon in 1987.
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