Borthwick Dress Tartan

In accordance with family lore that was recorded in the 1570s the founder of this noble family was Andreas who was a Hungarian who was a traveler with the Anglo-Saxon prince exiled Edgar the Atheling and his sister Margaret in Scotland at the time of 1067. The authenticity of this tale is unclear, possibly an unproven theory, and possibly not even known. The name itself has a geographical origin and is likely that it was taken from the lands of Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire, first mentioned in c. 1200.
Borthwick is a reference to "Home Farm' (the farm that provided the table of the local Lord) or "wood farm". The first person to have this surname to be recorded is Thomas de (of) Borthwick who was granted lands in Midlothian between 1356 and 1367. It is possible that the land was owned by Borthwick and thus adopted the name as his title. Borthwick Dress The ancient Tartan is suitable for any occasion and event. This tartan is generally composed of Acrylic Wool, and it is characterized by black, green, and purple with creamy colors that make the tartan lighter and provide it with more balance.
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