Aiton Tartan

The Aiton tartan, rich in historical significance and vibrant in its design, represents the legacy of the Aiton family, a sept of Clan Home. This tartan's roots trace back to the Lowlands, specifically Ayton in Berwickshire, a region known for its historical depth and cultural heritage. The Aiton name, a variation of Ayton, originates from the lands of Ayton in Berwickshire, highlighting the clan's deep connection to the area. The Aiton family played a significant role in the medieval history of Scotland, with notable figures such as Steffan, the nephew of Swan de CEitun, who was granted land in Wytefeld for the Coldingham Priory around 1170. Dolphinus de eit and HeI de eitun witnessed a charter by Walthers, Earl of Dunbar in 1166, marking the Aiton family's influence in the region. Additionally, Elya de Eytone and Stephen de Eytona were witnesses to a charter of Patrick, the 1st Earl of Dunbar, between 1189 and 1199. Despite being an armigerous clan without a chief, the Aiton family holds a significant place in Scottish history, with their lands frequently held by both Scottish and English crowns. The Aiton tartan itself is a special weave, available upon request, and is part of the broader Home/Hume tartan collection, reflecting the clan's intricate ties to Scotland's historical tapestry.
The Aiton tartan is a striking design that features a harmonious blend of green, red, and light blue hues, accented with thin black stripes. These colours are carefully chosen to symbolize the clan's enduring connection to the land and the natural world. The green represents the lush landscapes of the Lowlands, while the red signifies the clan's valor and historical battles. The light blue hues add a touch of elegance and tranquility, reminiscent of Scotland's expansive skies and serene waters. The thin black stripes weave through the tartan, providing a subtle yet significant contrast, embodying the resilience and strength of the Aiton family. This tartan's smooth texture and high-quality acrylic wool construction ensure both durability and comfort, making it a perfect choice for various types of traditional Scottish attire.
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